What is #Ibelieveyou?

#IBelieveYou is a campaign to help you understand the powerful role you can play in the life of a sexual assault survivor and our community.
Survivors who get a positive response when they tell someone are more likely to get help and seek justice.
That makes your community healthier and safer for everyone.

You can help break the silence with three simple words: I believe you.

Believing isn’t the only step, but it’s an important first step toward finding truth and justice. When survivors feel safe to tell, offenders are less likely to get away with a crime. By telling others about the power of believing, you can dramatically improve outcomes for survivors, and help put a stop to sexual assault.

Who will you tell?

How can you help break the silence?

Watch the Videos

We’ve created three short videos that illustrate how you can positively impact the life of a survivor. You can view them all here to see why believing is so powerful.

Share the Videos

By telling more people, you can help break the silence, and help make our communities healthier and safer for everyone. Please take a minute to share on your Facebook or Twitter.


Join the Movement

Let’s put a stop to sexual assault. You can help broadcast our campaign across Canada and the world by participating in Thunderclap, an online platform that lets people rally together to spread a message. Yes, I want to send a positive message to survivors, and tell others about the power of believing.

Join the Movement

For More Information

To help spread the word, you can download the #IBelieveYou logo here to use as your cover photo on Facebook or Twitter.

Visit us at aasas.ca to discover more about the power of believing and to access downloadable campaign posters and web-banners for public use.

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